My cleaner

I've now had my cleaner for 3 months and I must say I'm quite satisfied. The amount of cleaning is adequate and so far no real problems. It's not that the skill is very high but I have to give very high points for persistence. Hour and hours of chasing bread crumbs and the skill level doesn't matter so much.

So I should present him. Or it. It's an iRobot Roomba, a robot cleaner.

I have been forced to make some alterations for it. The rag rug you see on the movie had to go as well as some others. It isn't that it can't handle them, it's that the rugs will not stay at the same place and end up in a pile in a corner together with the dust. I also had to remove some cords (for my benefit as well as the cleaners) and block of my thick living room carpet with one of the virtual walls.

It wasn't that it could clean the carpet, rather the opposite. After emptying the cleaner bin a number of times I started to wonder how much of that carpet would remain if the Roomba was allowed to keep going. It seemed the amount of fibers the Roomba picked up meant it lost a millimeter of thickness every time.

The one problem I have not really solved yet is the problem caused by the IKEA arm chair I have.

On the image you can see the wide boards that form the base of the arm-chair. If the Roomba climbs up those in an angle that will result in both sides hanging over the empty space (all 3 cm of empty space) then the robot will decide it is about to die and refuse to go on until someone has manually moved it to safety. It doesn't happen every time so I'm ok with it but I need to find a solution. Maybe a new arm-chair (yes I like my cleaner that much).

Many ask about the noise level, and whether you can have it running while you are at home. I would say that it highly subjective. I can handle it but have to turn up the volume of the TV or radio or anything else I'm doing quite a lot. I think many others would find the noise being too much, because once it has started it will keep going for a long time. I have not timed it but maybe 45 to 90 minutes for my apartment. The right thing to do is to schedule it to do its work when you are not home and just empty its bin when you come home. Then cleaning will almost be magic.

I have now had it for three months and I can really recommend this to anyone with the laziness (or lack of time), the space and the money required. It is not cheap, and it will not fit everyone but I for one is really looking forward to the future of cleaning. And it will not be I doing it. I hope.